Awesome / Ladyhawke

  • Regardless of their opinion of the film, nearly all agree the transformation scene is a film classic.
  • When Isabeau throws down her hawk's jesses in front of the Bishop at the end, a cold and silent rebuke, as if to say "You have no power over me".
  • When Navarre first appears and rescues "the Mouse".
  • For that matter, though it doesn't last too long, Philippe was doing very well simply evading those guards before Nevarre showed up, prompting Sarcastic Clapping from Marquet. If his escape from the prison hadn't made that clear yet, this scene hammers it in just why he's called "the Mouse".
  • Navarre approaches the church near the end, telling his former troops to stand aside. When one tries to stop him, he just smacks the fool on the head, causing said soldier and the rest to let him pass.
  • Navarre's final confrontation with Marquet. One of the most underrated climactic swordfights in a movie.
  • "Look! Look at her! Look at me. Now, look at us. LOOK AT US!"
  • Navarre kills the Bishop by nailing him to the altar with his sword. By throwing it.
  • The solar eclipse that allows Navarre and Isabeau to escape the curse. While it's very predictable to modern audiences (most modern audiences will know exactly what's going to happen the instant "day without night/night without day" is mentioned), the film still manages to make it awesome.