YMMV / Lady Susan

  • Draco in Leather Pants: Good luck trying to find an introduction that doesn't gush about Lady Susan's awesome-ness while dismissing Frederica as dull and insipid.
  • Evil Is Sexy:
    Reginald: What a woman she must be! I long to see her, ... that I may form some idea of those bewitching powers which can do so much — engaging at the same time, and in the same house, the affections of two men, who were neither of them at liberty to bestow them — and all this without the charm of youth! ... [B]y all that I can gather Lady Susan possesses a degree of captivating deceit which it must be pleasing to witness and detect.
  • Les Yay: It's impossible not to get this vibe today from Lady Susan and Alicia Johnson, especially after Mr. Johnson forbids the latter from ever corresponding with her friend again and they sadly bid each other a reluctant adieu, looking forward to the day when Mr. Johnson dies and they can finally be together.