YMMV / Kong: The Animated Series

  • Awesome Music: Whatever else one might say about the show, the intro music is pretty darn epic.
  • Idiot Plot: Ages ago the evil Chiros was trapped by the original Kong and Lua's people in a sanctified stone, but is released early in the show. At the end he's imprisoned again as he was before, but this time Kong simply destroys the stone so Chiros can't escape again, meaning it was an option the first time, too.
  • Narm Charm: Regardless of the quality of the series itself, or the fact that the producers obviously tried to come up with the most outlandish plot possible to insert King Kong into in order to make it attractive to a young audience, many people liked the premise only for how imaginative and crazy it was (namely, that King Kong and a tribe of protectors had trapped an ancient demon, that a Hispanic cyborg professor from today wanted to free it, and that a new Kong had been cloned with human DNA thanks to a quasi-magical biotechnology which is also used through the series to create all sorts of zoomorphic kaiju).