YMMV / Koi Kaze

  • Audience-Alienating Premise: Koi Kaze is a shining example of this. It's squick enough because Nanoka is sixteen and her love interest is in his late twenties. It gets unbearable when you learn they're brother and sister. Even the most avid Brother–Sister Incest fans stay away from the series as it's too realistic for them.
  • Moe: Nanoka can be just sickeningly adorable.
  • Squick: Incest aside, the brother is 12 years older than his (underage) sister.
    • The series is quick to show it's really not afraid of treading uncomfortable territory when early on several other topics that have some sort of societal stigma attached to them are shown - namely menstruation and masturbation. The latter particularly so, as it is instigated by Koshiro after he sees Nanoka's underwear, impulsively sniffs it, and gets aroused. He is, needless to say, just as mortified about it as the audience should expect him to be.
      • The series also describes much of what happens when a pair of siblings first meet when both are past puberty but also downplays just how strong the attraction is.
  • Values Dissonance: Everybody brings up the problem with Koshiro and Nanoka being brother and sister, but nobody seems to be complaining about how Koshiro is 27 and Nanoka is only 15 at the story's beginning; in part because girls can legally get married at 16 in Japan, and Nanoka's 16th birthday is a major plot point in one episode.