Heartwarming / Koi Kaze

  • Koi Kaze is not exactly known for its bright spots but it does have a few:
    • Koshiro finally decides to stop running away from his feelings and tells Nanoka:
      "I... don't need anything else... if you don't need anything else."
    • Koshiro suddenly announces he has decided to go buy condoms, basically telling Nanoka that he desires that form of intimacy with her. Nanoka berates him for making the decision on all his own, followed by saying that he should have said it more romantically. He then asks her "Is it all right?", to which she gives him a warm content smile, and simply tells him "Yes."
    • Koshiro's co-worker Chidori sees him under a blooming cherry tree and questions him on what he has decided to do about his relationship with his sister (we know he has already decided but Chidori doesn't)
      Chidori: "What are you going to do from now on?"
      Koshiro: (Pauses for several panels) "I'm sorry to worry you..."
      Chidori: "It's not like that at all."
      Koshiro: "It's so pretty."
      Chidori: "Huh?"
      Koshiro: "Cherry blossoms. Until now, I ... never noticed things like this."
    and then he gives her a happy smile and walks away
    • Early in the story, Koshiro goes to the train station with an umbrella to pick up Nanoka, because it's raining and he doesn't know if she has taken an umbrella with her. As it turns out, she did, but upon seeing Koshiro show up, she hides the umbrella in her bag so she can share an umbrella with Koshiro.