YMMV / Kingdom Hospital

  • Complete Monster: Ebenezer Gottreich is the head of a mill which uses the slave labor of men, women and children; his brother Klaus is a sadistic and insane doctor at a hospital, where he performs torturous experiments on his patients. After the Civil War, Ebenezer's mill was a collapsing business, with the slave labor having revolted, and so he planned to save money by burning down his mill, and killing his employees. In the fire, hundreds of his employees are killed, mostly the children. Later, he has the survivors "treated" at his brother's hospital. When Ebenezer discovers one of the children, Mary, survived the fire, and witnessed his scheme, he has Klaus take her in. Klaus would later kill Mary in a lobotomy experiment, despite her insisting she never saw anything and promising not to tell anyone.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome - Antubis tearing Paul a new one, later on. Also, many characters find themselves there...
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming - Mrs' Druze's session with the gent who's dying... - and later, the seance.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny / Soundtrack Dissonance - The headless patient in the basement bumbling around, to the tune of Basement Jaxx — "Where's You're Head At."
    • When Hooman does a gainer off the roof of his house, we suddenly hear his rotweiller disgustedly thinking into the camera, “Way to go, Slick . . . who’s gonna feed me now?”
  • Crosses the Line Twice - A dead... headless man... running down the hallways looking for his noggin. C'mon, all it needs is the Benny Hill theme. And it STILL has a pretty good song associated with it. Also, he gets a PC monitor for a head later. Complete with DOS prompt.
    • Also, a woman having a heart attack after stealing a presumably! dead man's wallet.
  • Earworm: Somehow they upped the surrealness level significantly with the use of the upbeat "Red Dragon Tattoo", by Fountains of Wayne. The song practically doubles as Arc Words.
  • Narm - It's a Stephen King miniseries. Does more need to be stated?