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YMMV: Kimi No Iru Machi
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Especially concerning the male and female leads.
    • Haruto: Is he compassionate to a fault and wants to believe in the best of other people, or is he a naive, deluded idiot who is White Knighting and is outright abusing his girlfriend's trust? (And as of chapter 256: naive, deluded idiot, or Too Dumb to Live Jerkass?)
    • Yuzuki: Is she a sympathetic and well-meaning young woman who sincerely believes that everything will be better off if she sacrifices her own happiness in favor of others or is she a horrible bitch who plays mind games, uses the Deliberately Cute Child to her advantage, and keeps jerking Haruto around?
  • Arc Fatigue: For some fans, the arc where Haruto transfers to Tokyo to confront Yuzuki is a headache/anger-inducing case of Arc Stall.
  • Base Breaker: Yuzuki, ooh boy. On one side she is seen as a gentle naive girl, on the other she is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who likes to Mind Screw Haruto.
  • Bastard Girlfriend: An Alternative Character Interpretation of Yuzuki.
  • Damsel Scrappy: Yuzuki can't seem to do anything that doesn't require Haruto to go out of his way to fix the problem. At one point even moving all the way to Tokyo.
  • Die for Our Ship: For most of this manga's run, any attitudes of this nature were toward either Yuzuki or Nanami.
    • And with the Tokyo arc, Kazama, Yuzuki's boyfriend to many readers. Which makes his death in chapter 100 all the more...base breaking.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Literally every other girl with Haruto than with Eba.
  • I Knew It: Chapter 118, where Asuka allowed Haruto to be taken by his friends to a group date and coincidentally meet back up with Yuzuki after her two years-long absence. Many fans knew it was only a matter of time before they were made a couple again, despite the amount of hate the idea generated for both the readers and In-Universe. If anything people could see that this whole chapter was just an Ass Pull to get them to meet back up again.
  • The Scrappy: The lesbian girl that was recently added who hits on pretty much all the female cast, and hangs out with Yuzuki with the full intention of stealing her away from Haruto. Of course being Yuzuki, she is completely oblivious to this and thinks Haruto is just overreacting. The author seems to have picked up on this as she seems to disappear to only make a quick appearance every now and again just to show she still exists.
  • Shipping Bed Death: A lot of fans agree that as soon as Haruto and Yuzuki got back together the story started to go downhill. (Particularly with all the other characters that ended up Demoted to Extra or Out of Focus, the Flanderisation endured by others, Yuzuki being demoted to Satellite Love Interest and losing some of her previous personality, and Haruto's sometimes scummy behaviour in rekindling the relationship.)
  • The Unfair Sex: If the genders were reversed and Haruto did half of that Yuzuki does to him, it wouldn't be hard to expect that everyone would have informed her to break up with him already.
    • Admit it, if that lesbian girl was a guy hitting on Yuzuki, we would have already seen Haruto beating the crap out of him.
  • What an Idiot: What many fans consider Haurto after he broke up with Asuka. His own friends called him out on it.
    • Chapter 256 pours fuel on the fire: Haruto loves Yuzuki. He's fought against her dad's disapproval and accepted being ostracised from all of his friends just to be with her, and has been very panicky at the thought of being apart from Yuzuki. So when life throws a little curveball at him by putting them in a Long Distance Relationship again, what does he do? Break up with Yuzuki, choosing his job over her. Clearly the sort of serious decision that requires a lot of thought and a long talk to handle properly, right? Nope! Haruto just cheerfully blurts out "Let's... break up..." as he's on the train back to Kochi, wearing the douchiest possible smirk.
  • Why Would Anyone Take Her Back?: Haruto keeps taking back Yuzuki. Seriously she never tells him anything, takes on things often that require him to go out of his way to save her, flat out lies to him, breaks up with him without a word, screws with him, and now after an argument over a misunderstanding on her part (again) she storms out of Haruto's house, blocks his number, leaving him to almost file a missing persons report with how he can't get in contact with her and no one has seen her. Then when she finally comes back she doesn't even say a word to him as she just gets her suitcase. But for some reason he does everything he can to keep her.
    • Then once they get back together, she promises they will finally have sex the next day. So to make everything perfect Haruto cleans the house, cooks dinner, goes through mental heck trying to prepare to finally cross this line. What does Yuzuki do? She shows up late, is half drunk, eats the food, and states she is going to sleep because she is exhausted from partying with Miyu all day, leaving Haruto confused and understandably frustrated when she goes to bed. So after he cleans up everything, he goes to bed, and tries to go to sleep, Yuzuki looks over at him and gets angry at HIM.

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