YMMV: Killer is Dead

  • Critical Dissonance:
    • This game got mixed reviews from critics with half of them criticising the game's combat for not being like Devil May Cry or Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance as well as criticising the story for being difficult to follow. Fan reaction was much more positive towards gameplay, and many felt that it good spiritual successor to the themes of Killer 7, and the play style of No More Heroes. The only thing gamers, fans, and critics can agree on is that the game is short.
    • The game's Gigolo Mode has caused controversy among professional critics, with a lot of them calling it 'perverted' and some saying the game would kill Suda's career. Fans, however, did not find it offensive (in fact many found the controversy overblown), but they didn't think it was all that special either.
    • It's also a case of Values Dissonance, as the game has received higher ratings in Japan compared to the US so far.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: David apparently decided that being stark naked save for gold jewelery glued to the bare essentials is a good enough outfit. At least he wears a robe over it. Then he takes it off for the boss fight-AUGH AUGH AUGH.note 
  • Game Breaker: The Charge Cannon, full stop. You have to do one of the Gigolo missions a second time for it, but when you can obliterate Elite Mooks in one shot, it makes it far more than worth it.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Alice's One-Winged Angel form in the third chapter, and the transformation into said form.
  • Porting Disaster: The PC version has a 30 FPS cap (though there is a way to increase it), and it doesn't have that many graphical options. It's fairly average otherwise though.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The cel shading in this game looks GREAT, to say the least.