YMMV / Kamen Rider Amazon

  • Complete Monster: Ten-Faced Demon Gorgos is the leader of Geddon and a brutal sadist with a taste for human blood—which gives him power—and giving ironic deaths to his own men. A subordinate to Ruler, Gorgos is introduced pouring incendiary blood over the Amazon rainforest, burning a tribe alive and wounding Daisuke Yamamoto. In his mission to defeat Daisuke and obtain his bracelet, Gorgos punishes those who dare to fail him, through such means as burning; consumption by vampire bats; and exposure to the sun. Gorgos makes sure to ruin Daisuke's life by killing people close to him, and laughing at their deaths. In one occasion, Gorgos discovered that Daisuke was a close friend to a little girl, and he had her father Eaten Alive by a giant snake. After kidnapping several students from an elementary school, Gorgos has them tied to the ceiling and tortured with hot gas. Growing bored of drinking men's blood, Gorgos uses his servants to try and capture young women, and later children, for him to drain their blood. Capturing a human criminal, Gorgos turns him into the Ant Beastman, praising him for his violence even after he had attacked his own allies. Before his ultimate defeat, Gorgos invaded a local university and slaughtered multiple people with acid.
  • Crazy Awesome: Amazon punched a monster's head off once.
    • Hell, Amazon in general, especially compared to every other Rider.
  • Moe: The fandom considers Amazon to be one of the cutest Riders, both in and out of suit, despite the Bloodier and Gorier nature of his show. Yep. Took Up to 11 in Kamen Rider SD and certain other spinoffs where all Showa Riders get Super-Deformed.
  • Narm: It's difficult to watch the aforementioned final battle without being reminded of the Black Knight.
    • The snake beastman's roar was a high-pitched, obviously human "DOODLEDOOOOOOOO!"
    • Gigi and Gaga are rather hilarious names for magic artifacts. Especially Gaga.
  • Vindicated by History: Though not one of the more popular Rider series in its own time (in no small part due to its Bloodier and Gorier nature), in recent years, Amazon has seen a lot of attention from Toei, becoming a huge plot point in Kamen Rider Decade and recently getting a reboot series in Kamen Rider Amazons.
  • Special Effects Failure: Quite a few of them, but probably the biggest is when Amazon fights Snake Beastman on a log-ride. He's clearly grappling with an empty monster suit.