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YMMV: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  • Accidental Aesop: Don't play favourites with your children, or else they might sell said favourite into slavery.
  • Awesome Music: The Pharaoh's song about his dreams.
    • "Go Go Go Joseph."
    • The reprise of "Give Me My Coat" at the end.
    • "Those Canaan Days"
    • "Close Every Door To Me" is incredibly epic.
    • "Joseph's coat". The harmonies are absolutely beautiful.
    • As exposition songs go, "Jacob & Sons" is incredibly catchy.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: One minute Joseph is sitting hopelessly alone in his cell, the next he's suddenly surrounded by colorfully dressed children, bright flashing colors, women singing how great he will one day become, men in white leather jock straps with close ups on their crotches, and Father Time wearing sunglasses and a lei. Suddenly he's sitting around alone in his cell again.
    • Also, Pharaoh Elvis, who sings one song (and its reprise) that, while incredibly catchy and setting up for Joseph becoming ruler of Egypt, is otherwise never referenced or mentioned again afterward.
  • Designated Villain: The brothers, to some.
  • Ear Worm: The music just keeps coming back. All of it.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Several of the brothers can get this treatment, but the Pharaoh is especially popular despite his short stage-time. The narrator is also very popular because of the degree of her interactivity and sheer enthusiasm for the story and songs.
  • Epic Riff: There are quite a few throughout the show, but the very first (and the one which signals in the movie the movement from a silly low-budget school play led by a clumsy teacher to something truly awesome that will inspire the audience of students) appears at the very end of the Narrator's introductory song, when she strides down the aisle to let Joseph in for "Any Dream Will Do" and the special effects first start manifesting.
  • Incredibly Long Note: Builds to this with each verse of Those Canaan Days ("where diiiiiiiiiiiid they go"), until the final verse. Played differently depending on the production - the movie has the brothers intentionally stop, glance around at each other, nod, then repeat the note. Most school productions will play this as holding the note so long they run out of breath.
  • Moral Event Horizon: How does Potiphar's wife respond to Joseph's exasperation with her advances and her idea of love? She tells him, "Pity...", and proceeds to rape, or at least molest, him offscreen while the other servants hold him down (the actual rape is depicted as "a mighty ruckus clattering above [Potiphar]" while he's "counting shekels in his den below the bedroom" onscreen).
  • Painful Rhyme: Full of them...
    • "All these things you saw in your pajamas/Are a long range forecast for your farmers"
    • "His astounding clothing took the biscuit/Quite the smoothest person in the district"
      • Also Rhyming with Itself: "And their father couldn't see the danger/He could not imagine any danger" and too many examples of "colors" to count in Joseph's Coat.
  • Special Effect Failure: Let's just say that the movie's lack of budget shows.
  • Tear Jerker: "Close Every Door."

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