YMMV / Hostage

  • Angel/Devil Shipping: One of the hostages, Jenny and one of the kidnappers, Mars, get this treatment by fans. Mars' Yandere tendencies towards her certainly fuel this one.
  • Complete Monster: Marshall "Mars" Krupcheck is a psychotic criminal who invades the Smith family's mansion. After a policewoman arrives and begins asking questions, Mars shoots her when she becomes suspicious. As another police officer tries to recover her, Mars open fire on his cruiser. Already a wanted killer, a video of Mars murdering a store clerk shows him stand over the man to watch him die. Becoming obsessed with the family daughter Jennifer, Mars tries to take her with him when the group tries to escape by helicopter and chokes her when she rebuffs him. Murdering his cohorts when one threatens to leave out of disgust, Mars chases Jennifer and her brother Tommy throughout the house, setting it on fire when they lock themselves behind bulletproof glass.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Owing to being played by Ben Foster and his brooding demeanour, Mars, while an unrepentant monster, has become the subject of quite a few YouTube videos shipping him with his captive, Jennifer.
  • Ending Fatigue: After saving the Smith family from the home invaders, the movie goes on to spend another 15 minutes wrapping up the mafia storyline, which comes across as odd given the whole thing was a subplot given far less focus than the hostage situation.
  • So Okay, It's Average: Attempting to bring back the feel of the Bruce Willis classic Die Hard, Hostage received very middle-of-the-road reviews and comes across as a fairly standard action movie.