YMMV / Hellraiser: Inferno

  • Broken Base: The film in spades. Many consider it a decent film, with a new twist to the franchise (Pinhead judging sinners with personalized hells depending upon their sins) but others hate the film with a passion, since it's largely an In Name Only sequel with Pinhead appearing only in the final minutes and coming across as a random horror script hastily rewritten to include Cenobites.
  • Base-Breaking Character: The Protagonist, Detective Joseph Thorne. He's a manipulative Jerkass of the highest order, who steals evidence, cheats on his wife, frames his partner, and robs dead people. On the one hand he's a Villain Protagonist rather than a Designated Hero who's terrible actions are framed as shitty, and in the end he's a very deserved Asshole Victim. On the other hand, following such a loathsome asshole can make the movie tedious and repellent.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: A scene has Detective Joseph Thorne being brutally beaten up by a pair of kung-fu using Asian cowboys after stumbling through the woods.
  • Narm: A lot of Joseph's lines, especially the Big "NO!".