YMMV / Heartbeat

  • Jumping the Shark: Vernon Scripps. The original Lovable Rogue, Claude Greengrass, was an established local with a house he had inherited and various more-or-less credible business interests, and was finally revealed to have a small but sufficient private income. He mostly pursued various obviously self-interested ends, mainly because no-one who knew him would believe anything else in any case. Vernon Scripps was introduced to fill the gap left by the rapid deterioration of Bill Maynards health and subsequent sudden departure from the show, and lacked any obvious justification or indeed, visible means of support.
  • Villain Decay - Peggy Armstrong began as a very unsympathetic character before being overtly and abruptly softened up in her second season. Actress Gwen Taylor was apparently against the change, as she had previously been known for playing sympathetic comedy characters and Peggy had been a chance to play against type.