YMMV / Have Space Suit Will Travel

  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
  • Values Dissonance: The above mentioned Dexidrine that helps Kip jog forty miles across the Lunar surface? It's mentioned that Kip asked a doctor to write prescriptions for Dexedrine and other drugs so Kip can legally make his hobby space suit just like the real thing. And the pharmacist fills the prescriptions. A modern doctor and pharmacist caught doing that would lose their licenses and face jail time.
    • It is also mentioned that Kip uses his home chemistry lab to make explosives, For Science! When he accidentally sets fire to the barn, his father just warns him to be more careful. While it is understandable that his father couldn't care less about what society thought, there is no feeling that he needs to keep this secret from the authorities. Of course, in modern times he would be branded a terrorist, or at least get a stern talking-to.
    • Turns out Kip's mom was his dad's smartest student. It's not specified if she was his student when they started the relationship, but even if she wasn't, and it took place in the modern day, a bright young man like Kip would have some concerns about professional ethics until he was assured otherwise. Our Kip is only mildly surprised.