YMMV / Gorgo

  • Designated Hero: Really, the entire conflict of the movie is pretty much Joe's fault, as he doublecrosses the Irish in order to steal Gorgo for himself and use him as a circus attraction to strike it rich. Sam is a lesser example, as while he doesn't bat an eye to Joe's plan to doublecross the Irish, he does object to Joe's more sleazier actions such as trying to abandon Shaun and later insisting that Gorgo be kept locked up even when they learn that his mother is on her way. He's also generally far more pleasant and moral than Joe, especially towards Shaun.
  • Fan Nickname: Gorgo's mother is sometimes called "Ogra" (though it's pronounced "Oogra") after the mythic name for the beast mentioned at the start of the movie.
  • Follow the Leader: The 1967 film Gappa is more or less a complete rip-off of Gorgo.
  • Ho Yay: Sam and Joe.
  • Just Here For Gorgo: This was definitely Mike and the Bots' reaction.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome/Special Effect Failure: While the effects were miles beyond anything that Toho made up to that point, YMMV on how it holds up today.
    • The boat scenes however, are obviously composted poorly with the water background. In one boat scene, the top edge of the rear projection/Chroma Key screen hoves into view (as the camera bounces up and down to simulate rough seas) and the studio's rafters can be seen behind it.