YMMV / Genesis of Aquarion

  • Accidental Innuendo: Tons due to the nature of merging. A notable one:
    Fudou: "To merge is... TO EXPLODE!"
  • Awesome Music: Yoko Kanno worked on the soundtrack. Enough said.
  • Cliché Storm: This show uses nearly every mecha cliche in the book.
  • Ear Worm:
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Quite a few aesops that are typically shown as being negative as spun to give a positive twist. Such as envy, Fudou says that envy can either make someone attempt play dirty or use it as a huge motivator. Cue Sirius, using his envy for fuel along with the other two pilots, and spins his Aquarion around to make a monster of a storm and defeat the monster of the day.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Gen Fudou, with all his wisdom, still has no idea how women work.
    • Sylvia getting increasingly jealous of Rena and Apollo in "Black Mirror."
    • Cosplay of the soul.
  • Ho Yay: This show is purposely RIFE with it.
    • Baron and Apollo.
    • Touma and Apollonius.
    • Jun and Pierre.
    • Sirius and Apollo (mostly because Sirius is half of the reincarnation of Apollo's past life's soulmate; therefore, Sirius—along with Silvia—is Apollo's soulmate).
    • Tsugumi sees Reika with love background (flowers and sparkles) in one scene, and generally crushes on her. Unfortunately, Tsugumi's Psychic Powers react to her flusterment, so splodiness ensues.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Touma killing Baron in Episode 13 and the army scientists killing Futaba then using his feathers to create superhuman killing machines.
    • With regards to the second one, it is treated as one, but considering that not only was it a viable way to end the war and save the human race from extinction, but also according to one of the overheard scientists, Glen volunteered for it, it might just be reasonable. When your enemy is indiscriminately taking humans for food, killing one of theirs to make weapons to survive doesn't really register on the Bad-o-Meter.
    • Also, it doesn't help that afterward Sirius spitefully stated that Futaba's life was worth far more than the people he killed, and we're apparently meant to agree with that.
      • Touma is really more of a Manipulative Bastard; he honestly thought of humans as we think of cattle. Plus Baron wouldn't have been killed had Apollo not grabbed the Schmuck Bait Idiot Ball and waited a few episodes.
  • One True Threesome: The ending with Toma, Apollonius, and part of Celion (i.e. Sirius) together forever inside Aquarion.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: "Exodus" borrows from Elliot Goldenthal's "Victorius Titus" from the Titus soundtrack.
  • Tear Jerker: You will cry at least once during the final episode. Oh yes. You will.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: The entire show, especially the finale.