Fridge / Genesis of Aquarion

Fridge Logic

  • How come that Sirius and Silvia's wings represent Celiane's soul when she wasn't even an Angel? Also, how is everything Celiane's fault? It's not like she forced Apollonius to turn against his people...
    • It was mentioned that they are descendants of Apollonius and Celiane. Which brings another Fridge Logic moment: if the humans and Shadow Angels were so engrossed in the war, how did Celiane manage to give birth to children? She was on the front lines.
      • She could easily have been in just the early stages of pregnancy when the war ended.
      • No, really. How are Sirius and Silvia "half"-shadow angels? Genetics doesn't work that way. Their parents were clearly not Apollonius and Celiane. Does that mean they had Shadow Angel DNA every few generations added into their bloodline?
      • Probably the same reason Elrond in Lord of the Rings is known as "half-elven" even though he really only had one non-elven ancestor
  • How is it that Silvia keeps her clothes when she teleport swaps with the automated control unit of the Assault Type Vector in episode 23 despite every other teleport change resulting in the replacement losing their clothes and materializing in the vacated suit of the old pilot?
    • Probably something along the lines of why Apollo doesn't change his clothes unless the previous pilot was wearing a flight suit (and that, if she teleported w/ out her clothes, it would leave her completely naked in the cockpit.)
  • How the heck did Sirius manage to survive in Atlandia? Shadow Angels have no biological needs, they don't need food or water so there isn't any there, and a whole episode was devoted to them trying to wipe out earth's food supply. But in that same episode Sirius and Silvia, being only half shadow angel explicitly did need food and were getting weak with hunger. He should have starved.