YMMV: Gambit

Examples for the game show

  • Adaptation Displacement: Given that the Wink Martindale era hasn't been reran in many years, it's very unlikely that most people realize Catch 21 is a revival.
  • Funny Moments: A couple on Las Vegas Gambit fell out of their chairs after winning a 21.
  • Moment Of Awesome:
    • The circulating 1974 episode has a couple playing the Bonus Round that gets three Aces with their first three cards, then a Deuce. Of course, since the first point where losing could happen is 12, they continue onward (the score display flashing the first digit of "1" all the while thanks to the Aces)...and their fifth card was a 6.
    • Any big winner on Catch 21, given that it doesn't happen often.
    • A recently unveiled 1976 episode had a special prize on the Gambit Board where if a winning couple matched two halves of a "check", they could win up to $10,000 in cash depending on the check they completed (the other checks were worth $500, $1,000, and $2,500). In the first trip to the Gambit Board, the winning couple completed a $500 check, plus added $1,000 and a new Chevy Vega by getting a Blackjack. In the second trip to the Gambit Board, a new winning couple found the $10,0 half of the check on their fourth pick after finding two 00 halves in their first two picks, but they were in a bustable position due to having 13. Luckily for them, Elaine drew a "5", so they won the ten grand.
    • On the May 14, 1981 edition of Las Vegas Gambit, a Gambit Galaxy of $51,565 was won! Even more awesome, they won without rolling a double.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • Sometime in 1981 (before May 14), the Bonus Round was changed from the Gambit Board to "Gambit Galaxy", which was the bonus game from High Rollers. You know, with dice.
    • Some of the changes on Catch 21 were treated this way as well.
  • What an Idiot: The numerous occasions on Catch 21 where a player just can't add properly.
    • May 12, 2009: Angeli "very confidently" passed an 8 to Jennifer...who already had 13, which gave her 21.
    • May 18, 2009: Just a few shows later, Angie did the exact same thing to Doug while the third contestant (Renee) chanted "Bust him, bust him!"
    • July 1, 2009: Even a former Game Show host can't add, said emcee being Larry Toffler of the syndicated Finders Keepers.note  While holding a 13, with his opponent holding a 10, Larry kept the next card (a 10) and busted himself.
    • September 27, 2010: Kimberly passed a 5 to Shawn, who already had a "soft" 16. This, after saying she wouldn't pass to Beau so he wouldn't get 11. So stupid, it was uploaded by GSN itself.

Examples for the comic book character

  • Base Breaker: He is a very polarizing character.
    • For some, he is Cool Personified, what with his accent, coat, playing card motif, mysterious origins, tragic backstory, and suave demeanor, and one of the most stylish and interesting characters in the entire franchise. He's even given a lot of credit for refusing to give up on a girl that could kill him just by having sex with her, and trying to stay by her side no matter what.
    • For others, he's a living personification of everything that's wrong with the The Nineties. His backstory is convoluted, his costume is ridiculous, his Funetik Aksent makes it hard to read his lines (or just plain sounds stupid), his entire characterization is so overly focused on mystery and "style" that he comes across as flat, and his powers are useless and stupid. He's also blamed for "ruining" Rogue by giving her a reason to angst, holding her back from any real development, and just milking the soap opera cliches for all they're worth.
  • Creator's Pet: Averted. Since the early-mid 2000's, he hardly appears in comics as most writers either dislike him or don't know what to do with him.
  • Estrogen Brigade: Beats off fangirls with that adamantium stick of his.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: For a long time (and probably to this day) Gambit has fulfilled this role in X-Men fandom, being paired with any and every character out there, regardless of whether he likes them, or whether he's even met them in the first place.
  • Memetic Mutation: From the 90's animated X-Men series: "Gambit does not make TV dinners!"