YMMV / Funeral for a Friend

  • Dork Age - Arguably, Tales Don't Tell Themselves and Memory & Humanity.
  • Epic Riff - "Roses For The Dead", "Recovery", "Serpents in Solitude", and "Spinning Over The Island".
  • First Installment Wins - Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation remains their most critically acclaimed and popular album.
    • There are also a number of people who believe that their first or second EP is this trope, due to considering the band to have sold out by removing the screaming on the rerecorded Juno.
    • Some fans now consider "Conduit" to be their best release. It's certainly their darkest and heaviest release.
  • Narm - "Sonny", Oh god how Matt over-sings here.
    • He does the same thing on "Drive", especially when it sounds like he's chewing the microphone.
      • And on Faster, during the line 'when there's nowhere left to run.'
      • His more recent stuff live where he starts shouting a lyric randomly, not screaming it, but just shouting it for some reason.
  • Older Than They Think: This Letter, an acoustic song recorded during the Hours sessions, is commonly held to show how they went softer for that album. In 2013, it was revealed that they recorded an earlier version during the sessions for their first EP Between Order And Model. At this time the song was called "Grand Central Station". They didn't release it originally because it wasn't representative of their sound. It was a slap in the face to people who thought the band was just heavy during that EP's period.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The band have suffered this a fair few times during their career, first when the band were releasing Casually Dressed and had removed the screaming vocals on Juno and had less screaming than Between Order and Model, secondly when the band had released Hours, the fans complained due to its [1] sound, having more of a 2000s emo sound than post hardcore, though the band was still at the peak of their popularity in these era, when the band had released Tales Don't Tell Themselves which featured a lighter, more alternative rock sound and conceptual lyrics about a fisherman the band lost a fair number of fans, complaining the band had sold out and calling their album a dork age, Memory and Humanity hadn't fared better, with the band's lowest charting singles, though once the band released Welcome Home Armageddon it returned a lot of old fans. The final and last time was either Conduit, due to the loss of the band's screamer/drummer at the time Ryan Richards and the genre shift to hardcore, or Chapter and Verse due to the lighter sound and rather bleak feel (A lot of the tracks seemed to detail the band's breakup, and Matt trying to cope with the lack of success in recent years).