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YMMV: Fire Birds
  • Anvilicious: Preston's "War on Drugs" monologue in the film's intro.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Little's "cure" for eye-dominance: driving a jeep while wearing panties and a periscope on one's head. The ridiculousness of it all being lampshaded at the beginning of the scene:
    Preston: "Uh, is this some sort of gag, sir?"
    Little: "Oh really this is all bullshit."
    • All the way to the end of it when they're seen by a General and his wife:
    Little: (to Preston) "Get outta here!"
  • Demonic Spiders: Stoller and his Scorpion attack chopper are treated as such by the American pilots. In the film's intro, he turns three choppers into scrap metal in the time that it takes Preston to take control of his Cobra attack chopper from his co-pilot. They barely escape alive due to some quick and skillful maneuvering by Preston to get out of the area.
  • Magnificent Bastard - As a mercenary, Eric Stoller has shown how much he's in the top of his class. He doesn't just "kill people for money" - he's a top notch helicopter pilot, he got his "terrorist training in Vietnam and Korea", and he's demonstrated how good he is by luring a SWAT team into a trap, thinking they got him cornered, and they had no idea they were had until it was too late. And to top it off, Brad Little had this to say about Stoller:
    Little: "Charming, isn't he?"

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