Fridge / Fire Birds

Fridge Logic:
  • Why didn't they just put the monocle on the other side of Preston's helmet?
    • The helmet might not have been designed with interchangeability in mind, with internal wiring or circuitry not being movable. It was a product of the 80's, after all.
  • If they were expecting an air to air threat, why not deploy fighter jets, which are actually designed to engage and destroy air to air targets, rather than taking a bunch of attack helo pilots trained in ground attack and reinvent the wheel with them? Of course, if they had done that, there goes the central plot of the film.
    • Ironically, fighter jets are among the worst choices for engaging a helicopter, and there are several reasons for this...
      • Helicopters can operate at altitudes that render radar tracking pointlessnote , and in certain environments, even IR-Guided Missiles have trouble seeing the bloody things.
      • Helicopters have a nasty habit of being able to 'hug' obstaclesnote  making for some... Hilarious results should the aircraft in question mess up a gun-run on the Helicopter. And finally...
      • Helicopters can't stall like a fixed wing aircraft can, and as a result, can pull simple maneuvers to dodge an incoming missile and force overshoots.
    • In tests, Mi 24 Hinds were actually able to 'kill' F-15s as a result of the listed reasons above. Although prior to the tests in question, an F-15E 'Strike Eagle' killed a Hind by simply dropping a 2,000lb Laser Guided Bomb on it.
  • In the climactic battle, Little's Apache is shown equipped with Stinger missiles on the wingtips. With their main objective being to engage Stoller's helicopter, presumably the other Apaches have them as well. Yet Preston and the other pilots engage the cartel's air assets with everything but air-to-air missiles. If they had them, why didn't they use them?