YMMV / Fences

  • Award Category Fraud: Viola Davis' Oscar nomination for Supporting Actress when it can easily be argued that shes a co-lead. Though this is likely to pay off with a win, given that she's already snagged the Golden Globe and SAG.
  • Narm: The scene that Rose calls out Troy is heart-wrenching with good acting from Viola Davis. Shame that in the same scene she is covered in snot that can distract the audience to the point of laughing.
  • Tear Jerker: Troy's final scene, where he picks up his bat (all that he has left at this point in the play) and taunts Death, after Alberta dies, Rose becomes emotionally cold towards him, he's signed Gabriel over to the hospital, and he's just chased Cory out of their home:
    Troy: I can't taste nothing. Helluljah! I can't taste nothing no more!...Come on! It's between you and me now! Come on! Anytime you want! Come on! I be ready for you...but I ain't gonna be easy.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?:
    • Fences, as the title would indicate. More specifically, how they can be used: either to keep something in (Which Rose metaphorically does by trying to keep the family together) or how it could be used to keep someone out (which is what Troy eventually does, isolating himself from his family by cheating on Rose and kicking Cory out of the house).
    • Troy's references to injustice towards African-American baseball players represent the injustice all black athletes faced in a time where racial integration in sports didn't exist.