YMMV / Fallout: Van Buren

  • Broken Base: One of the biggest between old school fans and post-Fallout 3 fans.
    • Old School fans have used Van Buren as evidence of Bethesda's shady/inrespectfull treatment of the franchise due to their games (Fallout 3 and 4) not being as deep and engaging as the leaked documentation shows.
    • Post-Fallout 3 fans claim that at best Van Buren would had been a Cult Classic, eventually forgotten by the masses or could had led to fan outrage over the tiniest things or possible streamlining/changes of the mechanics, with they claiming that old school fans have put a never-released game on a pedestal without even playing it themselves just because the game looked good on paper.
  • Vindicated by History: After poring over its extensive leaked dev documentation, the game has been lauded with nearly universal acclaim from the old-school fans of the original two games.
    • Not only that, but most of it is considered semi-canon and included on the Fallout Wiki.