YMMV / Exit Fate

  • Anticlimax Boss: General Leonius. Also Boris the second time you fight him and Brunhild right before the final battle, since she was extremely powerful when you faced her before, and you are supposed to think that she's the Final Boss.
    • Mephisto, which is surprising considering how powerful his hosts in the "real" world were.
  • Fridge Brilliance: You cannot equip armor on non-humanoid characters.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Apparently, continuing to fight enemies in the Fading Dream after defeating the Wyvern changes the standard victory music to the boss victory music. Suddenly grinding and treasure hunting seems much more epic.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Some of the My Greatest Failure cutscenes mentioned on the main page. Also, the Hand of Fate and the demons in general.
    • Meiko's (attempted) interview of Shin is good for some not-very-nice shivers.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: In a variation of this, a late-game event likely reduce the fans' hatred for a certain character in the very same work: Bruce joins the party with such god-like strength that it makes up for him being a complete twat.
  • That One Attack:
    • One of the Demon Commandos has Annihilation Ray, a ranged attack which deals 5000 damage, more HP than anyone will ever get in the game, and the other one has a powerful all-hitting attack spell.
    • Hugin has the Megaton Stomp, which deals very high damage to one character, and he's prone to spamming it.
    • Each shadow boss have one of these, which is strong enough to Total Party Kill for low-level characters, auto-hitting and some of them inflict statuses to boot.
  • That One Boss: It seems like not a single person exists who didn't have trouble with Joshua. Demon Trevor and Sick are also very difficult, and with good reason...
    • And the Beastmaster, particularly if you're used to using Daniel all the time.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Cid is insanely girly-looking, and it's not hard to mistake Avelion for a woman. On the flip side, if you're used to seeing bishonen all over the place, Nashal's gender may be a mystery until you see her full portrait.
  • What an Idiot!: Sure, it didn't actually result in disaster, but one wonders why Angel and Jovian weren't at all concerned about their best friend, who completely forgot the existence of the sister he grew up with, tends to forget any mention of her within minutes, and once slaughtered an entire squad of enemy soldiers by himself in a Superpowered Evil Side freakout, being in a position of power. And then he does it again, this time almost killing Jovian as well, and this doesn't discourage them at all in nominating him as the leader of most of what remains of two countries' governments. (Ironically, Daniel himself does spend a lot of time worrying about this.)
    • To make matters worse, Angel describes the above incident as "the first time it happened," implying that it may have happened multiple times before the story starts.
    • For his part, Daniel has a moment like this early on that actually did cause a bunch of problems. Yes, trust the non-uniformed teenager who tells you to leave the rest of your entourage behind and follow him down an alleyway so he can take you to the governor's mansion. This will definitely not result in you getting kidnapped in a sudden attack of Cutscene Incompetence.