Funny / Exit Fate

Funny Moments in Exit Fate:
  • Those Lampshading nameless NPCs:
    Do you always talk to random strangers on the streets? Get a life!
    You entered our home uninvited, but it's okay since we are such hospitable people.
    Who the hell are you and why are you talking to me?!
  • Speaking of nameless NPCs, there's a soldier in the tavern of Elysium Castle trying to impress a girl. When you talk to each of them, this is what they say:
    Soldier: I lead about a hundred men. That's right. They all praise me for my excellent leadership and courage. Of course, they're blessed to be in such good company.
    Woman: Help.
  • One bookshelf in the Hall of Memory. Ancient knowledge, translated and restored... or someone's grocery list.
    When you come home today, don't forget to buy some eggs and milk on the way.
  • Luther's introductory scene is a masterpiece of Insane Troll Logic.
    Luther: Everyone knows vampires play organs! That means if you're playing the organ, you are most likely a vampire!
    Daniel: I... see.
    Luther: Oh, and undead creatures have also been seen roaming around.
    Daniel: But the organ music is much more important?
  • While escaping a prison:
    Daniel: We'll try and sneak out.
    Ayara: Sneak out? You mean break our way out with force, sir?
    Daniel: Shh.
  • After the fight against Trevor and Sick, Daniel comments on Trevor's BFS:
    Daniel: And what the hell is up with that ridiculous sword, anyway? It's more like a huge slab of iron.
    Sick: He's compensating.
  • This little snippet of dialogue after getting the Portal Key:
    Jovian: Ah, come on, let's try it! What's the worst thing that could happen?
    Angel: The end of the world?
    Daniel: ...I'll take my chances.
  • More of Daniel being subtly snarky, this time when challenged about meeting with an enemy commander in person:
    Leonius: You can't do that! What if they capture you?
    Daniel: Well, I'll get to meet Rock either way, won't I?
  • Recruiting Ice, formerly of the Caretakers. He's just a bit traumatized after that dragon incident.
  • Reod can be obtained by having any of the other thieves with you. If you hold off recruiting Reod and use Marcello as the thief, you get this one liner:
    Marcello: Unfortunately, you can't pay off your debt with money you steal from me.