YMMV: Escape the Fate

  • Base Breaker: Craig. Worthy replacement for Ronnie who's helped the band's sound mature, or a whiny emo that made the band become sellouts?
  • Broken Base: And how. Over whether you prefer Ronnie or Craig's respective vocal styles, lyrics, etc.
  • Face of the Band: Generally averted; most fans know all of the bandmembers.
  • Internet Backdraft: AND HOW! Between the "Team Ronnie" and "Team Craig" factions, it can get downright ugly. Others prefer to Take a Third Option and say they like both, and end up still getting flamed.
    • Most comments on YouTube videos for their songs generally devolve into flame wars within minutes. It even carries on to their Facebook pages.
  • Signature Song: The Ronnie era has Situations, My Apocalypse, and Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche. Craig era has Something, Issues, The Flood, and This War Is Ours.
  • Tear Jerker: "The Day I Left the Womb" Ronnie seems to be struggling not to cry in this song. This troper can relate to the lyrics.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: What the various factions of fans inevitably cry with the drop of every new album. Goes hand-in-hand with this band's Broken Base.
    • Additionally, This War Is Ours was named "The Most Disappointing Album Of 2008" by... some magazine, I can't remember. Ronnie had that page up on his prison cell wall for a while.