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YMMV / Equestria Daily

  • Awesome Music: The music that came with this post. It's rather fitting, considering that the post itself is about the site's yearly horror story-writing competition.
  • Double Standard:
    • Ship-fics involving lesbianism normally have no problem getting posted on the site unless they're really explicit (or just bad). Male/Male fics however are more difficult, though they do appear from time to time.
    • Similarly, stories demonizing Princess Celestia used to get through very easily and perpetuated the Fanon versions of her over the show version. In contrast, it is much easier to find stories and works of Nightmare Moon getting a sympathetic portrayal despite being the opposite of show and comic canon. While not as severe as it once was, this is still noticeable, with immoral Celestia stories still getting pushed despite the fan base now giving them near universally bad ratings.
  • Fandom Rivalry: At one point in time, she site had a ban on all Sonic the Hedgehog-related content due to some irrational hatred between bronies and fans of the Sonic series (though it would seem that things have cooled off since then). This is due to the Sonic fanbase has a terrible reputation amongst greater nerd-dom, and many bronies - mindful of their own poor reputation - go out of their way to deny any association with them. Same thing with furries.
  • Fan Hater/Acceptable Targets: Like clop and/or gorefics? Then prepare to be viewed as the scum of the earth by a large chunk of the userbase and some of the staff.
    • This also applies to fans of humanized ponies (and the artists who draw them). Aside from once-in-a-blue-moon art threads focusing on them, humanizations were conspicuously absent from Equestria Daily until the Equestria Girls series took off. Now it's not too uncommon to see humanized ponies on occasion as post header images
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Equestria Daily regularly reports on new episodes of the Japanese dub being released. You'd think that this is because the show is popular in Japan, but as it turns out, the Japanese dub is actually more popular outside of Japan than it is in Japan, which is due to the show being overshadowed by a plethora of other shows featuring the same themes.
  • Hell Is That Noise : Have your headphones on while reading the Nightly Roundup 666? Then you're in for a nice treat. Hope you can sleep well tonight.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Phoe's OC looks almost exactly the same as the later official pony Diamond Rose (who was initially toy line exclusive, but is making the jump to the Expanded Universe). This resemblance is noted in a couple of Phoe's posts.
  • Insufferable Genius: Some of their pre-readers tend to come off as this.
  • Never Live It Down: When Phoe was running the artist training grounds, one of the themes she proposed was ropes. From that day forward, her OC is portrayed as having a thing for bondage.
    • For a while, fan fictions submitted to the site were subject to some very biased pre-readers, who accepted things based on their own personal preferences; many good stories were rejected simply for having Les Yay shipping, being human in Equestria stories, or a myriad of other reasons that aren't stated in the rules. And, of course, there were pre-readers accepting anything they happened to like or that was written by someone they knew. The mods are much stricter now about pre-readers actually following the rules, but they still get a lot of hate as though the change never occurred.
    • Creators who get subpar work featured on the site (either due to submitting it without realizing it isn't that good, or due to someone else submitting it for them) are going to end up the subject of mockery due to a Colbert Bump resulting in a flood of negativity.
    • Equestria Daily is forever associated with making the infamous "Background pony" joke about Applejack, that and the joke later on about Applejack's implied dead parents, to the point where commentators were arguing whether or not people should feel sorry for fictional characters. Within a fandom. This resulted with the joke being removed.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Many commenters' reaction to the comment system switching from Intense Debate to Disqus.