Awesome / Equestria Daily

  • This editorial that shows just how far the fandom has come.
  • The Newbie Artist Training Grounds 2012. Over the course of a month, a horde of artists managed to create a grand total of sixteen thousand seven hundred and eighty-six drawings and paintings and the like. All of it spurred on by a blog based on candy-coloured ponies.
  • On Wednesday January 11, 2012, Equestria Daily reported its 100,000,000th pageview, and the ticker is still climbing. That's how awesome ponies have become, in just under a year-and-a-half.
    • And only weeks later, they reached 150,000,000
      • As of June 22, 2012 they're up to 200,000,000.
      • And now, they've gone past 250,000,000. That's right: the pages of Equestria Daily have been browsed over a quarter billion times.
      • As of 27 March 2014, the count is up to 474,000,000+. Almost to 500k.
      • As of 23 April 2015, the count has hit 600,000,000+.