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YMMV: Enough
  • Narm Factor Nine, Captain!:
    • Although it's apparently intended to be serious, as Roger Ebert noted, Mitch is a completely absurd, Flanderized caricature of an abusive husband; not just a hybridization of Germaine Greer's worst nightmare, and Godzilla in human form, he's also, for the purposes of the plot, practically omnipotent. The scene where he rampages through the house of Slim's terrified parents is particularly amusing. Mitch himself may not necessarily be in it For the Evulz (he's generally shown to be angry), but that's no reason for us in the audience not to be.
    • Slim suddenly has a self-defense coach, who teaches her and her alone, and even briefly narrates the final fight as if to say "use the force".
    • Jennifer Lopez and Juliette Lewis' joint-catchphrase. "Piece of cake" "Piece of Pie". Repeated numerous times throughout the film, towards the end they even abbreviate it to the non-sequitur "Cake" "Pie".
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks: You can't help but notice a more than passing resemblance between this movie and 1991's Sleeping With The Enemy, which many regard as a superior film. note 

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