YMMV / DreadOut

  • Alternative Character Interpretation
    • At the end of the game, is Miss Siska a victim like Linda and Ira, and now possessed by some malicious entity? Or is she behind all this (or at least The Dragon of someone else), and brought the students in the abandoned town intentionally?
      • To elaborate on the latter, when confronted about Doni's death, the Third Sister claims they don't kill the living, and doubts even her crazy sister would have done so. If we assume that Miss Siska was Evil All Along, it fills in the gaps. We don't see Siska until she runs into Linda and Shelly, so it's more than possible she was the one who actually killed Doni, and this makes it likely that Doni is the one who wounded her. Siska was last seen with Shelly and is almost certainly her killer (even if you assume she was possessed). Yayan talking about the proper path they should have taken at the beginning can now be seen as foreshadowing that Siska took the wrong turn on purpose, and Siska easily could have locked Yayan in the bathroom while they were exploring the school.
    • The Lady in Red. Was she a malicious entity and left Linda a power that may make her equally evil and dangerous over time? Or was she a Stealth Mentor who prepared Linda to be the one who will face an even greater evil in the future?
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Keepers of the Dark has a wide variety of enemies it considers bosses, so some can be this.
    • Seeing Blind is a relatively lethargic enemy and has a basic attack pattern. He will keep running until you collect the items associated with him, upon which you're informed that you will have one final fight with him. Despite some enemies changing tactics when you finally confront them, this boss is essentially the same as when he ran, so you're already used to defeating him by then.
    • The Silent Assassin in Keepers of the Dark can be this. He's built up to be a major threat, an especially deadly menace that you won't see coming. While he can take you down in one hit, he waits in particular spots and can be attacked from well outside his own attack range. Combined with the fact that he actually makes a lot of noise betraying his presence, it's possible to approach him safely and take your shot. After doing that in only two places, he's done.
    • The Ceramic Beauty. Pretty much all she does is hide in plain sight, run away and then hide again. She only attacks when you're too close while finding her.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Near the end of Act 2, you're heading to the Lady in Red's room in order to finally confront her. Instead, you sit in a chair and look at a mirror. The Lady appears behind you, and then you are promptly pulled into the mirror by your mirror image. After a loading screen, you're simply back in front of the school from the beginning of the game, and can choose an ending. While you had just fought a ghost that could only be seen in a mirror, it's not what you were in the room to do, being pulled into a mirror yourself is beyond the things you've seen in the game so far, and it seems to have nothing to do with the scene that it's followed up by. This is mitigated largely by the standalone Keepers of the Dark game, which explains what happened during the time you were in the mirror.
  • That One Boss: The Scissor Ghost is widely considered to be this, mainly due to his lightning fast attacks and having a weak spot that can be hard to hit due to his aforementioned lightning speed.
    • Not to mention the boss's second phase where he becomes EXTEREMELY agile and aggressive when at low health, and often flails around trying to damage you after he's taken a hit.
    • The horse ghost, one of the KOIL members and the second sewer monster in Keepers of the Dark can prove extremely annoying to fight.