Funny / DreadOut

One would think a horror game like DreadOut would not make one giggle, but these moments prove otherwise.
  • As soon as Linda gets out of the car, she slams the door shut on Yayan's head.
  • The intense game of patty cake
    • followed by Linda getting slapped
    • and Linda putting her hands around her friend's neck and her other friend taking a picture of this moment
  • In the large lobby of the mansion, which is set up like a wedding reception, the poltergeist in the room can launch a motorcycle, out of nowhere.
  • When Linda confronts the possessed Ira in a small room, she tries to sit down in a chair and it gets swept out from under her, causing Linda to fall on her butt first.
    • Immediately after, the possessed Ira begins Motor Mouth talk to Linda in a pretty upbeat, casual manner.
  • Even though it came up as a Mood Whiplash, the scene where Yayan was stuck in the bathroom in the alternate ending is actually pretty funny.
  • The Sundel Bolong attempting to drink polluted water in the cafeteria, if one looks closely, the water flows downward and splashes on the floor because the ghost actually has a hole in her back. Taking a picture of this scene unlocks the Stay Hungry achievement.
    • If you watch long enough, she throws down the pot and burps rather loudly before vanishing.
  • One of the bosses of Keepers of the Dark is ludicrous: Indonesian rock band Koil, imagined as dead (they disappeared mysteriously), and then resurrected by a nerd who acquired some of their memorabilia and used it for a dark ritual.