YMMV / Dragon Age: Redemption

  • Designated Hero: Tallis comes off as this several times. Despite being the hero of the story and having a sympathetic background, she seems largely apathetic to others and usually kills without any hesitation, even dropping cocky one-liners before doing it. She also steals from the Dalish, who welcomed her into their camp, and her first reaction to Josmael being a mage is to nonchalantly throw a dagger in his chest to test if he really is a healer. A bit hard to admire such a protagonist, at least for part of the audience.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Opinion on the series is divisive, but Nyree is a hit with most of the fans.
    • To the point where there were petitions on the Bioware forums for her to be a companion in Dragon Age 3.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Her Last Minute Hookup with Cairn makes the previously stoic and borderline sociopathic Tallis act very out of character, openly mourning his death and risking her place in the Qunari community to honor him.