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YMMV: Disaster Report
  • Crazy Awesome: In the level in the Lincoln Plaza, you come across a fire hose. At first, you use one that's on the ground floor - and it's incredibly powerful. How much? Well, it's so strong that it destroy debris like it was nothing. Better yet, you eventually use it to take down the only boss in this game - a helicopter containing the Bazooka Goon, by either "shooting" at an elevator lift or suspended pillars that resemble a chandelier. Either one will send it crashing and exploding. Read that again: you take down a helicopter with a fire hose.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Near the end, Keith using a fire hose - a fire hose - to take down a helicopter.
    • Also further to the end, Greg drives a speedboat with Keith and Karen/Kelly in it, managing to avoid missiles from helicopters without seeing where the missiles are going.
  • Narm Charm: Any instance of Karen/Kelly saying "Nooo!". Other instances of voice acting include police officer Jeff, whose voice acting is unintentionally funny.

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