YMMV / Dirty Laundry

  • Complete Monster: Goldtooth is a vicious gang leader, drug dealer and pimp who crosses as many lines as he can in his limited screentime. When he sees one of his prostitutes who owes him money, he beats her up and rapes her, while letting his men rough up her two friends. He then sees a small boy who refused to run drugs for him, and has his men beat and threaten to kill the kid. When a mysterious stranger takes note of this, Goldtooth threatens to kill him too if he tries to interfere. A wheelchair-bound shopkeeper soon reveals that he was incapacitated when a gang, implied to be led by the same gang leader, did the same thing by killing a young girl for refusing to become a drug runner.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The film's tagline and the main character's question — "Do you know the difference between justice and punishment?" — can be answered with the title of the movie. If the main character hadn't had to do his dirty laundry, he'd be wearing a certain iconic shirt which would identify him as a fairly well-known avatar of punishment.
  • Moment of Awesome: Frank beating up the whole gang armed only with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Also, The Reveal at the end of the short.