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YMMV: Christian Humber Reloaded

  • Alternative Character Interpretation
    • Is Christian "Vashblade" Humber an extremely ruthless and sociopathic Anti-Hero at the dark end of Type V or a Villain Protagonist with very few redeeming qualities.
    • Another interpretation is that he's a deconstruction (intentional or otherwise) of fictional action heroes, showing what happens when someone receives virtually no formal education, always solves his problems with violence and is powerful enough that few people are even remotely a threat to him. He will kill the villains, but will also kill innocent people, and no one can protect them from him.
    • Kekanu could also be interpreted as a cunning good guy trying to stop "Vashblade", he's the only one who is able to beat the protagonist in a fight (Granted, he had help but this is fighting against someone who could punch suns) with a bit of forward-planning. Sadly, he was not to last, making way for the Corrupted-self to appear more often.
    • Is the Corrupted Self evil-er twin who murders with even greater impunity, or diabolic mastermind urging on Humber's base urges?
    • The webcomic suggests that when the kids "tackled" Vash after he killed Soku again near the end of Part I, they did so out of hatred since he unintentionally gave suggestions that he was a pedophile.
    • Did Soku make the difficult decision to turn in her friend because she realized she was unable to get him to stop his violent lifestyle, or was she merely opportunistic and motivated by the money?
  • Bile Fascination — Hence, its fame.
  • Designated Hero: Vashblade
  • Designated Villain: If you're not familiar with the canon storylines of the works referenced, many of the villains' only "crimes" are opposing Humber or even merely being people he happens to cross paths with.
  • Draco in Leather Pants — For Vashbladehumber himself, played straight, as we're supposed to emphasize someone whose heroic batting average is lacking at best. Otherwise? Averted. There's even a scene wherein Roxas realizes Organization XIII are, pretty much to a man, total assholes, and assists Humber in deliverating them to oblivion.
    • In one case, inverted, as sympathetic FFX-2 villain Shuyin is painted as an "ugly" and twisted fiend, despite being a dead ringer for Tidus.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Vash notes that the webcomic artist "sound(s) like an ASSHOLE" for making fun of Humber. Not long afterward, the Humber family contacted the artist, and he had to stop work on the comic.
  • Ho Yay — His "fusions," arguably.
    • The cyborg shark called Chridon, they even say to each other that they have "badass male bodies." There goes my sex drive...
    • This story really is THAT insane.
  • Marty Stu — Specifically...
    • God-Mode Sue — Vashblade is incredibly overpowered and seems to pull random powers out of his ass which make him even stronger. At one point in the story he states "Not even god or Satin could stop me". Vashblade is more powerful than god by the halfway point, and he doesn't stop.
    • Jerkass Stu — He'll kill or maim anybody for just about any reason, or none at all.
    • Fixer Sue — Occasionally Humber will try to "take revenge" or "set things right," only to fail miserably. For instance, he takes "revenge" on Seymour Guado, The Dragon of Final Fantasy X, by dragging him out of the Farplane, mutilating him and leaving him for (re-)dead, only to later discover Seymour's still alive. He never gets around to killing him again, either.
  • Moral Event Horizon — At least once per part. To wit:
    • Part One: Skinning street gangs alive, nailing them to walls, and leaving them to die; murdering a little girl who turned him in to the police for beating up the Japanese emperor, then murdering her entire extended family and the rest of her hometown.
    • Part Two: "Deleting" what a spy saw from her memory. Note said spy is a human woman.
    • Part Three: Murdering 6,000,000 innocent people at the Superbowl, followed by singling out one policeman for A Fate Worse Than Death. Also murdering a bunch of scientists later, but that aforementioned massacre is hard to follow up on.
      • It's worth noting that at the Super Bowl, where Vash teleported by accident and got surrounded by soldiers, Vash was (surprisingly) originally planning to fight his way out without killing anyone, but after getting shot in the shoulder, decides to kill everyone there just to show them what it's like to face Horteka in battle.
    • Part Four: Mocking the weeping family of a demon he just murdered. Not as spectacular as the above, but exceptionally heartless.
    • Part Five: Dragging dead Final Fantasy X bosses out of the Farplane and torturing them to death... or, rather, almost to death, thus bringing said holocaust-happy big bads back to life and promptly forgetting about them. He also forces a kid to remain silent about his whereabouts and bring him food every night by threatening to kill him and his entire family if he does not.
    • Part Six: Marching on Washington, D.C. and killing numerous soldiers trying to defend the president when all involved could easily bypass them.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap — Kagome, generally dismissed as the "annoying useless girl," is the only force in all of nature who can stop Humber once he goes berserk. He even trusts her with his panoply of megaweapons when he hops off to find Paradise.
  • So Bad, It's Good
  • Tear Jerker — The fate of Kekanu and his family.
  • Vindicated by History — Humber is an obscenely overpowered bizarre mish-mash of species and professions, equipped with a dizzying array of video game cliches and fused equipment, and virtually none of his insane enemies can stop him and his equally-bizarre sidekicks. Guess what style of storytelling became wildly popular just after the time this was released to the world?
  • Writer Cop Out"With ease" should sum it up, or a new power level or fusion or something.

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