YMMV / Cast a Deadly Spell

  • Complete Monster:
    • Amos Hackshaw, the Big Bad, is a wealthy Evil Sorcerer who plans to summon the Outer Gods so he can sell out his world for them to turn into "a world of the unburied dead" in exchange for godhood. To do this, he focuses decades of his life, including marriage and having a child, to making sure he has the perfect circumstances for the ceremony. Using the masquerade of being an Overprotective Dad to keep his daughter a suitable Virgin Sacrifice, he then goes about acquiring the Necronomicon. After the book is stolen to prevent the Apocalypse, he simultaneously hires private eye Phil Lovecraft and mob boss Harry Borden, the latter of whom he promised lordship over the post-apocalyptic world, to retrieve it. Creating a gargoyle servant to tail Lovecraft, he ends up using the creature to eliminate the book's thief and a few other loose ends. After Borden captures Lovecraft, Hackshaw decides that he should be Forced to Watch as he offers his daughter in sacrifice to Yog-Sothoth.
    • Harry Bordon, the ex-partner of detective Lovecraft and a mobster and co-conspirator of the aforementioned Evil Sorcerer, introduces himself having his own right-hand-man Tugwell cut apart a man named Locksteader who brings him a phony copy of the Necronomicon apart by means of a whirlwind of paper. Bordon has Tugwell pursue and murder Lovecraft once he becomes an obstacle, regardless of the collateral damage, and simply has his zombie bodyguard drown Tugwell once it's revealed Tugwell murdered Locksteader before he could impart vital information. Bordon gloatingly reveals in the climax he's sold out the entire world to Hackshaw, willingly dooming the entire human race to a horrible extinction at the hands of the Old Ones to rule over the remainder as an immortal.