YMMV / Cage the Elephant

  • Ear Worm: "Aberdeen", "Around My Head", "Aint No Rest For The Wicked". They're good at these.
    • "Spiderhead" proves to be the wormiest yet.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Some of the more hardcore fans believe that the lead singer Matt Schultz's old band, Perfect Confusion, is the same band as Cage The Elephant, despite a different lineup.
  • Song Association: "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked" for Borderlands.
  • Tear Jerker: Pure and simple, the video for "Shake me Down".
    • To whit: The video starts with a middle-aged fellow getting up in the morning and going out for a jog. He then happens upon a clubhouse that he used to have as a child, wherein he experiences flashbacks at various stages of his life: growing up with his mother and father, getting married, having his own children, and then he emerges from the clubhouse in a field where he apparently sees all of his family and friends, including his wife. As they embrace, everyone present lets fly a small paper hot-air balloon with a small candle within. The symbolism(derived from Japanese traditions) becomes apparent when the video flashes to the man and his wife in bed. The wife wakes up and tries to rouse the man, only to discover that he'd passed away in his sleep. The video then ends with the man walking on the shores of a beach...somewhere.