YMMV: Bowling for Columbine

  • Anvilicious: Mid way through there is a segment of America intervening in other countries while ignoring the atrocities those countries were responsible for, and you don't need to watch very far to see where it is going. True enough, it cuts from saying Bin Laden had American support to the September 11 terrorist attacks.
  • Documentary Of Lies: Much of this film was infamously made up of selectively edited footage, particularly his edits of several of Charlton Heston's speeches down into one, or his edit of buying a gun in a bank. Also many of the statistics used in the film are juiced up to make gun violence in America look worse than it is, among numerous other misleading or outright false statements.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Marilyn Manson's interview is considered a highlight of the film, particularly since he comes across as the Only Sane Man in it and brings forth some of the more intelligent arguments.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Moore originally planned to criticize the National Rifle Association's "Guns Don't Kill, People Do" motto. He then learned that there were much higher gun ownership rates in countries other than America (which have much lower gun-related violence statistics), making him believe that their motto is more or less correct.
  • Tear Jerker: An interview with one Colorado man who remembers the massacre (and starts openly weeping) brings this to mind.
    • The emergency call from the Elementary School after the shooting of Kayla Rolland. Itís horrible hearing her voice: she's just frantic and hysterical the whole time, and praying to God to let her live.
      • That's only the beginning. It gets even worse once we find out the details of everything that led to the shooting - a boy found a gun in his drug dealer uncle's house, decided to take it to school, and accidentally shot Kayla in the middle of class. Evidently, the school's fate: closed down in 2002, demolished seven years later. It's not a cover-up.
    • During Moore's interview with Charlton Heston, Kayla's murder is brought up, causing Heston to deem the interview over. Moore doesn't do anything else, he only leaves a picture of Kayla Rolland by his door.
      • Don't believe that. As discussed elsewhere in entries on Moore, that part was selectively edited to trash Heston's reputation.