YMMV / Bowfinger

  • Acceptable Ethnic Targets: Toyed with but ultimately subverted. Bowfinger gets his film crew by hustling illegal Mexican immigrants into the back of his van. By the end of the movie, the men have learned all about film-making and are now respected and highly successful professionals.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The film was actually made before Tom Cruise got a reputation as a Cloud Cuckoolander who you could believe would have no idea he was making Interview with the Vampire.
    • Kit mentions wanting to do an Oscar Bait movie with him playing a mentally handicapped person since he comments on white actors constantly winning Oscars for that. Nine years later, Robert Downey, Jr., who plays Renfro in this, would star in another film that featured a white action star doing a blatant Oscar Bait film where he played a mentally handicapped person, which ended up back-firing horribly and being an in-universe Star-Derailing Role for him.
  • Retroactive Recognition: John Cho as the nightclub cleaner who works with Bowfinger.