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YMMV: Bloodline Champions
  • Game Breaker: The balance of the game went many places in development, but the ultimate for the Psychopomp bloodline which doubles their main sources of damage and healing while reducing the duration of negative effects on them for 8 whole seconds is considered to be an issue. The "X-Strike" ability of Nomads' is considered to be pretty bad as well, as being hit by it guarantees you to be stunned and take a chunk of damage while it's being thrown, it can hit multiple targets as it involves two boomerangs being thrown and returning on the arcs where the other was. A staggering 40 damage can come out of it if hit right at the end of the curve of the two say nothing of the damage that you'll also take from being stunned for the duration.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Causing a killing blow has the killer make a laugh/giggle/chuckle. This can happen from damage-over-time effects after the applier has already died.
  • Stop Helping Me!: The Grimrog's Voodoo EX ability can cause this onto you. If it hits you, it applies Dark Voodoo. This turns healing done on you into damage against you for a short duration up to 170 damage.

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