YMMV / Blood Feast

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: It's possible that Fuad isn't actually committing the murders of his own free will, given that the sequel had his descendant go on a killing spree of his own after being enthralled by an idol of Ishtar that he found among his grandfather's possessions.
  • Complete Monster: Fuad Ramses is an Egyptian caterer who worships the goddess Ishtar. In order to resurrect his goddess, Ramses kills young women to make them into the dishes of a blood feast for her. After getting enough flesh, he kidnaps a woman and whips her to get her to agree to be Ishtar's vessel, leading to her demise. He then tricks the guest of honour at a party he's catering into agreeing to host Ishtar, nearly killing her before being stopped by the police.
  • Narm:
    • "Have you ever had... an Egyptian Feast?"
    • "Well, Frank, looks like it's gonna be one of those long, hard ones!" Has to be heard to be believed.