YMMV / Blogging Twilight

  • Crosses the Line Twice: The prediction on Blogging Breaking Dawn Part 35, which goes like this (keeping in mind that "Optimus" is Renesmee, and therefore a child):
    JACOB: So you want me to run away with Optimus…alone? Like, alone-alone?
    BELLA: Yes. You will be her father and guardian, and I want you to…why are you wearing that satin robe?
    JACOB: Um…it helps me run.
    BELLA: And where is that Barry White music coming from?
    JACOB: My phone. The sexy sounds of B. W. helps me run.
    BELLA: And why are you lighting scented candles? I suppose that helps you run, too.
    JACOB: Yes, particularly the candle called Night XXX-tasy.
    BELLA: And the coconut body oil?
    JACOB: I thought everyone slathered on body oil when trying to hide. No? Hmm.
    OPTIMUS: Mommy.
    BELLA: What it is, my little snow pea?
    OPTIMUS: I accidentally lost the backpack.
    BELLA: What?!
    OPTIMUS: I just wanted to see if it would float in the river. And it did. And now it's gone. And I'm sorry. And I want Popsicles for dinner.
    BELLA: But…but…the money? It's gone? And Jacob, why are you running an ice cube over your body in a suggestive manner?
    JACOB: Helps me run. [Looks at Optimus] Who's your daddy, princess?
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  • Despair Event Horizon: Dan's reaction to Breaking Dawn chapter 18.
  • Memetic Badass: According to Dan, Emmett, Jacob, and the werewolves.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Dan believes Alice, Edward, and Bella cross it when they allowed the Volturi to kill the tourists. He spends a review and a half upset over it and often brings it up.
  • Squick: Dan's reaction to Quil's girlfriend. He gets over it rather quickly and now constantly mocks him.