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** ''YMMV/BladeTrinity''

!![[ComicBook/{{Blade}} The Comics]]:

* FanonDiscontinuity: Guggenheim's run on Blade brought about some very...unpopular ideas for the character.

!![[Film/{{Blade}} The First Movie]]:

* CompleteMonster: The vampire leader [[BigBad Deacon Frost]] is the worst villain in a setting filled with sadistic predators who kill humans as much for fun as for sustenance. Unlike the older vampire hierarchy who prefer to remain in the shadows and [[TheMasquerade rule humanity behind the scenes]] to protect their interests, he wants to openly reduce all humans to cattle despite originally [[TranshumanTreachery having been human himself]] instead of a vampire pureblood. He murders a vampire elder in an exceptionally painful way by removing his teeth and letting him burn up in the sunrise, and kills all the other council members to complete a ritual sacrifice so he can rule supreme as a PhysicalGod. He [[BadBoss murders his human minions whenever he likes]], attacks Blade's mentor Whistler and then leaves him to die slowly, tries to feed a woman to a [[OurZombiesAreDifferent ghoul-type zombie]], and [[WouldHurtAChild tries to kill a little girl]] in front of Blade by first threatening to slit her throat and then throwing her in front of city traffic to make his escape. His worst crime isn't revealed until the end of the film, when [[spoiler:Blade discovers that Frost was the vampire who attacked his pregnant human mother and turned Blade into a Dhampyr to begin with. Frost fully intended the unborn child to die and since then has kept Blade's mother as his private consort and facilitated her corruption into a remorseless monster.]]
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: The first film had a techno-based soundtrack.
** [[ "Confusion (1995 Pump Panel Remix)"]] by Music/NewOrder is the most noteworthy example (interestingly, it's one of the few songs in the movie that made it to the soundtrack album, which mostly kept to hip-hop songs not in the movie). Also an EarWorm.
* EarWorm: The movie opens up at a club where Vampires lure in humans and gorge on them while listening to really, REALLY catchy trance music. You hear less than a few minutes in the film before Blade stops the celebration, [[ but you never. Forget. It.]]
* FandomBerserkButton: Claiming that the ''Film/XMen1'' or ''Film/SpiderMan1'' movies were the first comic book movies to set off the current superhero media boom instead of this film.
** Claiming that ''Film/BlackPanther'' was the first superhero movie starring a black actor. The person claiming this backpedaling that ''Black Panther'' was the first critical or box office success of that description is ''even more'' of a berserk button.
* FollowTheLeader: In a sense, the movie led to the boom of Creator/MarvelComics-based movies. Though later overshadowed by the 2000's more successful ''Film/XMen1'' and ''Film/SpiderMan1'', ''Blade'' was the first Marvel movie to be a bona fide financial and critical success (''Film/MenInBlack'' came out first but technically, it was more a property ''bought'' by Marvel than ''made'' by Marvel). And granted, some productions such as the aforementioned ''Spider-Man'' [[DevelopmentHell had long been gestating]], but the movie's success proved that Marvel characters could headline their own movies. Additionally, Blade himself was not as well-known prior to the movie's release, but still made for a successful property. In addition to their A-list stars, Marvel and DC have subsequently looked at other lesser-known characters for possible movies.
** And despite ''Film/BatmanAndRobin'' being basically a GenreKiller the year before, ''Blade'' proved comic book movies still had it.
*** Of course, the general public probably wasn't really aware that Blade ''was'' a comic book character originally, and thought it was just a cool VampireHunter, especially since ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' premiered a year before.
*** Though on the flip side, it was thanks to cartoon, ''WesternAnimation/SpiderManTheAnimatedSeries'' where Blade made his first animated appearance and was still playing at the time, that likewise go interest up among cartoon goers.
* NarmCharm: Blade's PreMortemOneLiner. It makes zero sense, but damn if it doesn't sound badass.
-->'''Blade''': [[ "Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill."]]
** It makes perfect sense. It's something that can work for about a second, and then failure. Frost just can't do what is impossible.
** Another interpretation: The leaders of the council had to climb the mountain to reach the top, Frost thinks he can just ice skate his way up there instead and surpass them easily, leading to the same result mentioned above.
* OneSceneWonder: Traci Lords as a vampire in the opening.
* SpecialEffectsFailure: Some of the CGI effects have ''not'' aged well.
** In fact the climax of the original film had Frost display his blood powers much more. But the CGI looked too out of place for the producers taste (You can find this in the deleted scenes of the movie). So they just kept the fight to physical abilities with the only CGI used showing off Frost's new regeneration powers after Blade initially lands a killing blow on him.
* StrawmanHasAPoint: Frost says humans are like cattle, so Blade shouldn't care about saving them. Thing is, with all the examples of ApatheticCitizens we see in the film, it's hard not to concede that he has a point in-universe.
* TearJerker: Whistler's honorable suicide in the first film, [[spoiler:subverted by the second, which retconned it.]]
* VisualEffectsOfAwesome: When the first film was released the vampire's being "ashed" was amazing for its day. And even a decade on is still pretty cool. The effect noticeably improved with subsequent sequels.

!![[Series/{{Blade}} The TV Series]]:

* PoorMansSubstitute: Instead of Creator/WesleySnipes, the creators hired rapper Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones for the role of Blade in the TV series.

!![[Anime/{{Blade}} The Anime]]:
* TooCoolToLive: [[spoiler: Stan. See FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire.]]
* WhatAnIdiot: Makoto's father for thinking firing his bullets would work on [[BigBad Deacon]] [[SuperSpeed Frost]].