YMMV: Black Widow

  • Breakout Character: In the MCU at least; she showed up in Iron Man 2 but was something of a Base Breaker at the time. The Avengers, however, gave her a huge boost in popularity and a lot of depth, along with giving future films a lot more to work with. Now she's the most prominent character without a film, and even that is likely to change soon.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: By default of no longer being together, her and Bucky became this for comic audiences. With the films, her and Clint is also the most popular het couple, but even there Bucktasha is still popular there.
  • Internet Backdraft: Her lack of a film in the MCU is probably one of the most well-known criticisms fans of the MCU, and in particular Black Widow fans in general, have of the franchise. Her tendency to get Ship Tease with different male characters each film (Tony in Iron Man 2, Clint (though a lot of people considered this platonic) in The Avengers, Steve in Captain America The Winter Soldier (again, its actually platonic in the film but advertisements for the film hinted at it differently), and Bruce Banner in Age of Ultron) also leads to accusations of sexism, which wouldn't be unfounded if not for the fact her being romantically teased with different male characters, and some female characters, is a trait of her comic self.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Clintasha and Bucktasha fandoms don't have the best track record of getting along, resulting in many Clintasha fans bemoaning that she'd be prominent in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as it was bringing in Bucky's present day self.
    • And then it turned out that her MCU love interest was actually Bruce Banner. Sadly it didn't seem to last.