YMMV: Binbō-gami ga!

  • Anti-Shipping Goggles: More than a few fans will ship Keita with anybody, so long as it isn't Ichiko. Some have outright said as much.
    • would they ship him and Momiji?
  • Fan-Preferred Couple/LGBT Fanbase: The Pixiv fanartists are very much in favor of Ichiko and Momiji.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Ichiko. A Rich Bitch who's been neglected by her parents, hated by her female classmates because she's more athletic, talented and beautiful than them, manipulated by a classmate that pretended to be friends with her in order to break her, having her Parental Substitute butler and only friend suffer a heart attack due to her person absorbing all of the good energy...just goes to show that money or being really lucky really can't solve all problems.
    • She does get better anyway. Her former butler is living peacefully (with a new wife) as he writes her letters often. Later, she has become more sociable as she befriends a delinquent tomboy who vows to never betray her and probably a Cosplay Otaku Girl goddess.
    • Akane also counts in that her hate of Ichiko seems to stem only from jealousy of Ichiko's popularity. After Ranmaru saves her and her friends from a collapsing building Akane seems to actually regret going too far, if only cause Ranmaru got hurt. She and her friends call an ambulance and lead them back. Later its heavily implied that not only is Akane in love with Ranmaru but that Ranmaru may have been a Closet Key for her causing her more than a bit of angst. She still hates Ichiko, but for different reason now.
    • And later, Ikari's revealed to have suffered a lot before. It turns out he was born the exact opposite of Ichiko, with a massive amount of bad luck, that made him a pariah even though the bad things only happened to him. The one person who was willing to be with him, like him and even eventually love him dies saving him. Made worse because she saves him by turning him into an immortal god effectively making him have to live forever without the person he loves and with the pain of her loss.
  • Les Yay: The Manga is so full of les-yay that Tsuwabaki is the only reason it's not Yuri.
    • Lampshaded in chapter 32
    Ranmaru: "How dare you to make my precious Ichiko cry...!!!"
    Nadeshiko: "Don't say things that'll be taken the wrong way! It's bad enough that we're being mistaken as a yuri manga by some readers."
    • Momiji and Ichiko have a complicated relationship that zig-zags between With Friends Like These... and Romantic Two-Girl Friendship, at the very least its obvious that no matter how much they deny it, both care about each other. In later chapters Momiji refers to herself as Ichiko's true partner, a term Ichiko accepts and imbraces.
      • When Momiji and Ichiko are teleported to Antarctica by mistake (it's a long story) Momiji suggests huddling together for warmth which is logical under the circumstance. She then suggests that they huddle together naked which is...less so. Of course, she might have been doing that just to mess with Ichiko's head.
      • Chapter 51 starting about here, ends in a way that make it seems that Ichiko and Momiji are an Official Couple.
      • After Their Fusion Dance, Momiji gets a lot of enjoyment out of feeling their combined body's bust and they sound like a arguing couple when they switch control.
      • Ichiko gets a nosebleed when Momiji's boobs grow bigger. Granted, it ended up being Momiji's dream, but what does that say about her...?
      • A special after the final chapter has the two kiss. Completely non-canon, but seems to be the authors way of making shippers happy.
    • Ichiko and Ranmaru within chapter 25. Also taken Up to Eleven in the omake. And then there's the final scene of Episode 8 where Ichiko finally accepts Ranmaru as her friend. While not really Les Yay, it almost looks like it.
      • Ichiko even kinda confesses to Ranmaru at one point. To be fair, she's essentially drunk at the time.
      • She also for some reason has a bunch of sexy pictures of Ranmaru.
    • Kuroyuri seems to be in love with Yamabuki.
    • Akane is outright in love with Ranmaru
      • There is even a special chapter dedicated to Akane's crush.
    • Tanpopo for Konjikihime.
    • Botan for Kanna/Ichiko
    • Suzuhikohime is a canon lesbian, and has a special fondness for Huguruma Youbi, who isn't but doesn't really resist her.
    • Chisha seems to have a penchant for falling for anyone who happens to be punctual or responsible.
      Chisha: 4 minutes, 17 seconds... that's exceptional! Do you mind if I fall for you!?
      Ayama: That would trouble me...
      Chisha: That's too bad!
  • Tear Jerker: Oh so much. See Woobie above. Comedy manga should not be able to make you cry.
  • Values Dissonance: Ichiko's parents essentially abandoned her from the ages of one through sixteen and constantly broke promises to her and failed to show up for anything in her life. Tired of their negligence, she gave up expecting anything from them. When her father shows up again and offers to have her move with him to America, somehow Ichiko is in the wrong for not wanting anything to do with him at this point. It's a pretty standard setup in many manga: Terrible parents get a huge free pass on their behavior, presumably thanks to assumptions of filial piety among the audience.
  • Wangst: Ichiko's endless whining about her life can cross the line into wangsty. Her spoiled nature is a plot point, though.