YMMV / Bicentennial Man

  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Andrew is seen getting a mechanical operation in his chest area (with his human covering on). Ten years later, Robin Williams would undergo open heart surgery.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The end of the movie where Andrew willingly gives up his life to be happy (fulfilling his dreams of being recognized as human, that is) becomes a whole lot darker when you take into account Robin Williams' own suicide in 2014. Not to mention near the end of the film, seeing Robin Williams in aging prosthetics makeup is a bit odd and unnerving now since he tragically didn't live that old.
    • A lot of the lyrics in CÚline Dion's Then You Look at Me has also become harsher in hindsight—not only for Robin Williams' suicide, but also for the film's composer James Horner's death from a plane crash in June 2015.''
    ''Laugh and cry..
    Live and die
    Life is a dream we're dreaming
    Day by day
    I find my way
    Look for the song and the meaning''

    ''Then you look at me
    And I always see
    What I have been searching for
    I'm lost as can be
    Then you look at me
    And I am not lost anymore''
  • Tear Jerker: So very many scenes in the movie.
    • Three words: See you soon.
    • In a remarkable change from her earlier always perky personality, Galatea is clearly barely holding herself together when Andrew and Portia die.