Funny: Bicentennial Man

  • "Open the window. Now jump. [Andrew jumps up and down, *Jump *Jump*Jump*] No— out the window!"
    • After this, Andrew understandably becomes afraid of heights, which get referenced later on, such as Andrew hesitantly looking out the window of a skyscraper and this exchange with "Little Miss:"
    Amanda: Come with me to my room Andrew.
    Andrew: Will this involve a window?
    Amanda: (giggling) No.
    • Fridge Funny: Jumping out the window is probably what jostled his programming; he never showed any individuality up until then!
  • Early in the movie the joke about the man with dementia
    • As well as Andrew's Rapid-Fire Comedy style of joke-telling in the same scene - mixing in "What's invisible and smells of worms? Bird farts" with far more adult humor.
    • Not to mention the unintentional joke afterward.
  • The scene displaying Galatea's new Jerkass personality. Rupert's understandably confused and bewildered reaction to it all really sells it, as well as every word out of Galatea's mouth.
  • When Rupert removes Andrew's robotic outer head. Andrew looks in the mirror and screams, startling Rupert & Galatea
    Rupert: What happened?
    Andrew: I saw the inner me.