YMMV / Battle Of The Luminaries

  • Fountain of Memes: There had been quite a lot of memes going around in the tournament. The crowd even cheers when said meme is said.
  • Shocking Elimination: Usually portrayed when an usual fan-favourite is eliminated.
    • This is also what happens when someone gets an elimination by ACCIDENT. An example was when Big the Cat eliminated Link. The thing is Big eliminated him after being sent flying by a powerful attack from Papu Papu and Link was just unlucky to walk straight into the soaring cat's path. Big probably never realized on his own that he had eliminated Link.
    • Also worth knowing, Veigue has a tendency to yell out his girlfriend's name Claire a lot throughout his game. When he was getting beat down by Barbatos, Claire finally returned the favour by screaming out his name.
    • Bowser asked M.Bison if he had a chance of beating to which Bison proudly claims "Of course!"
    • Dhaos is absolutely terrified of the Indignantion spell. Being in the same section of Jade Curtiss, owner of possibly the most famous Indignantion doesn't make things better for him.