YMMV / Batman Vampire

  • Complete Monster: The Joker himself appears as the central threat in Bloodstorm. Immediately seizing the vacuum in power over the remaining Gotham vampires left by Dracula's demise, Joker sets up savage massacres of criminal gangs to seize their assets and make himself stronger, converting every person murdered into a vampire under his command. Joker intends to kill and convert every single person within Gotham City and attack the rest of the nation with his army whilst basking in the power it brings him. Confronted by the now-vampiric Batman, Joker strangles a priest to death for a chuckle and sets up a trap in a church for Batman, directly murdering his companion Selina Kyle in a failed attempted to shoot Batman down. Joker's actions cause Batman to snap, succumb to his bloodlust, and murder the psychopath himself, resulting in Batman becoming a feral Knight Templar as Joker's posthumous last laugh. As always, the Joker has a penchant for twisted wit and depthless charm whilst committing horrific atrocities for little more than amusement, and manages to outdo Dracula himself in wickedness despite never even becoming a vampire himself.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Batman considers he crossed it when he kills Joker and drinks his blood.
  • Narm: Some of the faces, in particular Alfred and Cobblepot, wind up looking a little too cartoonish next to the violence and nightmare fuel of Crimson Mist.
  • Sequel Escalation: Each successive installment became Bloodier and Gorier, eventually reaching truly sadistic levels in Crimson Mist.
  • Sequelitis: Red Rain is considered a classic. The other two, not so much.