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YMMV: Badman
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: From "Batman Can't Stop Thinking About Sex", when Batman shoves a pair of Talia al Ghul's panties into Bane's face:
    "You want a little? Which tube do you smell out of? Now, you have my permission to cry."
    • After (finally) making his Heroic Sacrifice in "Batman Says his Goodbyes", Batman suddenly reappears behind Gordon and Catwoman:
      Batman: (to Catwoman) Hey, what are you doing for the next couple months? Wanna go to the same cafe in Italy with me every day and wait for my butler?
      Catwoman: Fuck this. (walks out)
    • And, in the outtakes:
      "Don't read from A Tale of Two Cities at my funeral."
    • Batman attempting to come up with a Line-of-Sight Name in the outtakes for "Batman Vs. the Penguin":
      Batman: My name is... Hampton... Hangingpork.
      Penguin: Hampton H - did you say that because there's a pig hanging next to me?
      (Camera pans to reveal a pig corpse with a huge slit in its gut, cut to new take)
      Batman: My name is... Hampton Hugevag.
      (Everyone breaks up laughing)
    • Batman's extremely irrational fears.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Harvey Dent, can he be trusted?"

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